We will help you clarify your business goals and challenges, offer creative marketing and branding strategies, facilitate their implementation and build solutions that fit to your ressources. At Blink and C, we are all about keeping things smart and simple while being focused on delivering the results that will take your business to the next level.

Are you launching a new business?

Launching a business, a product, a service or even an event requires having a strong vision, building a strong brand, creating awareness and generating major traction. We will provide you with the strategic and creative ideas that will help you make an impact and set the path to your success.

Are you moving into a new phase?

Markets, people and technologies evolve fast, businesses need to constantly adapt to change. We will help you capitalize on your strong assets while operating a smooth transition to the new direction you want for your business, your stakeholders, your employees, your clients and for your brand.

Are you looking for investors?

Big ideas need big capital. Startups and innovative companies need to pitch their business in the most clear and compelling way to attract investors. We will help you design your presentations, pitch your ideas and prepare the answers that will lead you to the $1M handshake.

Do you need some clarity to move forward?

Business is not always easy, it comes with ups and downs. Everyone needs sometimes to take a step back and look at the big picture. We will bring fresh eyes to solve your challenges. We will focus on defining the right questions and find the solutions that will take you to the next level.


With the flexibility and the care of experts that are devoted to your success.

Who is behind Blink and C?

Founder – Marketing Communications Strategist.

Amel started her professional journey selling educational handbooks door to door in Utah and then managing a sales team in California before obtaining her MBA and launching her career in advertising. She was in charge of major advertising campaigns in a large variety of BtoC and BtoC industries for ad agencies located in France such as Saatchi & Saatchi.

In 2010, Amel started her "global nomadpreneurial" journey and founded the consulting company Blink and C. She helped companies around the world grow their business with impactful marketing communications strategies. She has been consulting managers and entrepreneurs in the US, Europe, in the Middle East and North Africa, providing them strategic market analysis, business development support, creative branding concepts and impactful communication plans.

Amel is now based in New York city and focuses all her talents and creativity in helping small medium companies and startups take leading positions in their market and build strong relationship with their customers and stakeholders.

Amel is also the founder and host of Tandem Nomads, an online platform and podcast show designed to help expat partners build successful portable businesses (www.tandemnomads.com).

Her motto to success is: "Turn challenges into opportunities and share more than what you sell"!

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